3 Circumstances When a Visitor Visa Can Be Revoked

Posted on: 15 June 2019

If you are planning to travel to Australia to see a friend or relative or for business purposes, then you need a visitor visa. It allows you access into the country for a specific duration depending on the type of visitor visa you apply for. However, just because you are successful in obtaining a visitor visa doesn't mean that the visa cannot be revoked. The immigration department must, yet, have sufficient grounds to cancel a visitor visa, and that is why the application process is stringent.
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Benefits of the 457 Visa

Posted on: 2 July 2015

The 457 Visa is a stairway to heaven for many employees as they get the opportunity to work for Australian and foreign employers down under.  The program was initially introduced by former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard.  Previously known as Temporary business, the title of the visa was changed to Temporary Work fairly recently on 24 November 2012. Although the 457 Visa doesn't nearly provide half the benefits that a Citizenship or Permanent Residence Status provides, it does have a fair amount of utility.
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